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Standard Membership

  • Standard Membership to FuneralWishList.com is totally FREE OF CHARGE
  • This form of membership entitles you to create a profile account, complete & save your answers to our standard questionnaire
  • You can nominate 1 (one) person to be your NEXT-OF KIN, who (by accepting your contact request) is given authority to contact FuneralWishList and purchase an electronic copy of your Questionnaire answers/preferences (cost is A$110 GST Inc). It is assumed in the event of your passing, the questionnaire answers will assist them and other friends/family in preparation for your funeral.
  • You are free to change your nominated contact person at any time
  • By creating a FuneralWishList account, you are able to be a ‘Contact’ or ‘Next of Kin’ to other FuneralWishList premium members (and therefore have access to view their questionnaire answers) or a ‘Next of Kin’ to other standard members.