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Premium Membership

  • There are 3 different options with respect to Premium Membership to FuneralWishList.com (all of which are GST inclusive).

    a) AUD$15 for a 1 year subscription

    b) AUD$55 for a 5 year subscription paid in advance ($11 per year),

    c) AUD$99 for a 10 year subscription paid in advance (only $9.90 per year)

  • In addition to completing and storing your answers to the standard FuneralWishList questionnaire, Premium Members are given the extra facility to store up to 50 JPEG images on your profile (max 200KB per image)
  • Premium Members can nominate contacts in addition to nominating their ‘Next Of Kin’ - each contact (after accepting your contact request) will have read only access to all the answers in your questionnaire. This is particularly useful if you belong to a large family and will ensure multiple people have the opportunity to be fully aware of all of your funeral detail preferences.
  • Your contacts (after accepting your contact request) & Next-of-Kin are also given authority to contact FuneralWishList.com and purchase an electronic copy of your Questionnaire answers/preferences.
  • In addition to the added function of having multiple contacts able to view your questionnaire, Premium Users also have the extra feature of writing final notes (called ‘My Final Say’), which is a free format area for you to write letters or notes to friends, family etc. These notes are only accessible to the ‘Contacts’ who enter a correct final passcode, which you create in your profile. It is your responsibility to advise your contacts what your current final passcode is – which you can freely change at any time on our website.
  • The ‘My Final Say’ notes could even be a document containing your passwords or secrets you do not want revealed until after your passing.
  • By creating a FuneralWishList account, you are able to be a ‘Contact’ or ‘Next of Kin’ to other FuneralWishList premium members (and therefore have access to view their questionnaire answers) or a ‘Next of Kin’ to other standard members.