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About Us

FuneralWishList.com is an Australian owned business. Our website is an online planning tool, which can be used to assist you in structuring and planning your own funeral. These details can then be accessible to those you leave behind. The idea of an online planning tool came to fruition after the founder of the company witnessed family feuding after the death of the family matriarch. Members of the family had conflicting views over her various funeral details, such as whether to have a viewing, what songs and/or photos would be chosen for the service, what items were to be placed in her coffin and whether or not a wake should be held.

Unfortunately, the deceased had not spoken to family members about her funeral wishes prior to her death. She most certainly would have left directions and stated her personal wishes had she foreseen the friction and drama that the planning of her funeral would cause.

The site is aimed at those who like to take control in their life so as not to leave the planning to everybody else. In addition, carers and those with aging parents and relatives will find the site useful for making future arrangements for their loved ones.

Planning ahead will ensure peace of mind, and reduce the burden and stress on your loved ones who are left with making appropriate funeral arrangements. By planning your own funeral, you are giving personal directions to those you are leaving behind regarding how YOU would like to be remembered and the proceedings which YOU desire.

By advising what YOU would like in YOUR funeral, you are also reducing possible friction and feuds within your family and friends, who would otherwise be left to assume what you would have wanted. Ultimately, you are planning for yourself a ‘Happy Ending’.

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